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Ethos and environmental policy

Our ethos:

Nature’s Own is a brand name of Cytoplan, wholly owned by a charitable foundation. Our mission has always been to impart knowledge to individuals in order that they are empowered to make choices in the field of nutrition. Our overall aim is to help with optimising the health of the nation, and this is the goal of the charitable foundation that owns our shares.

One of the main outcomes from the loss of biodiversity on the planet, through intensive farming, has been the loss to people of many mineral nutrients. In supplying Food State™ products, we believe we help redress this nutrition imbalance in people in the best way possible.

Our environmental policy:

Realistically, whether as an individual or as a company, we all make an environmental impact. However, it is our choice whether we make the effort to address the issue, and if so, with what dedication. Here at Nature’s Own we are environmentally conscious, and have an ongoing commitment to changes as and when they become available. We are all stewards of the planet and hold it in trust for future generations.

Our products:

Our unique Food State™ nutrients, where vitamins and minerals are grown into food concentrates in a process that replicates nature, is also environmentally friendly. The same is true of the Wholefood and Biofood ranges. In fact, all our products meet this criterion.